Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2014

SHORT FUSE - Demo Tape

people from my hometown doing their version of violent minds minded hardcore punk. personell is/was also involved in highscore, press gang, mind trap, chuck damage, phobiact records, even dramamine and messer...

the rip is from the tape, not the 7".


Mittwoch, 26. November 2014

Nice Running Gag!

do you know which band is meant? 
all hail to grandpa!!!

Donnerstag, 20. November 2014

NARSAAK & PLANKS - Split Picture 7"

dieses gerät auf decoy industry ist ähnlich wie das zeugs von tief in marcellos schuld records oder die nerdcore jungs wie für diesen blog gezimmert:

auf 222 stk. limitiert, ungewöhnliches artwork (ein holzrahmen rahmt die picture 7" ein) und eine schon fast rührende liebeserklärung des labels an vinyl und die diy haltung.

das konzept des labels ist auch einzigartig. die veröffentlichen nur split singles mit jeweils einer band aus darmstadt und einer grösseren band, die nicht aus der stadt kommt. kenn ich so auch noch nicht. gekauft natürlich wegen den großartigen NARSAAK. rest in peace!

diy/vinyl liebeserklärung


decoy staff


Mittwoch, 5. November 2014

DERIDE - Same 7"

251007-> 7 jahre her und knallt ähnlich wie die organism lp immer noch (hab die songs nochmal nachbearbeitet):

Deride sind 4 verrückte Japaner, die musikalisch grob in Richtung Gauze gehen und dabei das Gaspedal fast immer ordentlich auf den Asphalt drücken.
Dem europäischen Musikmarkt verfügbar gemacht hat diese musikalische Kleinod Kent von Kangaroo Records aus
den Niederlanden. Kent ist mittlerweile 48 Jahre alt, hat aber immer noch den Elan Bands wie Out Cold, Dead Nation, Seeing Red, The Neighbors, Direct Control oder auch Career Suicide rauszubringen.
Auch hat er Career Suicide für ihre erste Tour nach Europa geholt. Damals hatten sie nur ihr Demo draussen und ein paar ihrer ersten LP als Testpressung dabei.
Gesehen habe ich sie damals bei Osnabrück in einem Zirkuszelt auf einem Bauwagenplatz. Kent war damals der Fahrer.Unvergesslich!
Aber zurück zu Deride. Auf der 7" gibts 4 kurze Songs, die immer knapp unter/über 1 Minute bleiben.
Die Texte sind fast komplett auf japanisch bis auf den Chorus bei "Fuck Taste" (fuck taste,fuck food,fucking joke). Hahaha!
Die 2 Songs der A Seite haben japanische Titel+Texte, die B Seite englische Titel mit japanischen Texten bis auf den oben erwähnten Chorus. Wers versteht...
Deride haben noch eine Lp auf dem Label Mad at the World Records rausgebracht. Diese geht jedoch ein bißchen unter. Für so eine Musik ist das 7" Format meiner Meinung nach besser geeignet.

Deride-Japanese 7"
Land: Japan
Jahr: 2001
Label: Kangaroo Records
Format: 7"



Dienstag, 4. November 2014


2x the now denial: einmal mit highscore und einmal mit seeing red (the godfathers of fairplay).

beide teile waren jeweils benefitsplits für die inhaftierten und kriminalisierten teilnehmer der genua- und götheburgproteste gegen george bush und die g 8 in 2001. 



now high fold out
now high inside



now seeing fold out

now seeing inside

Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - State of Illusion 12"

no sign of this band on this blog since 2009...what a shame!
like ruidosa inmundicia or peacebastard or f minus also female main vocals, also great like world peace would be (but it can't be done i was told). as an additional short hint what you get musically: still the type of fast hardcore with a big punk edge LBAL is known for.

now off to the record: again a great combination of layout and the overall concept of the 12".

the style of the artwork looks pretty awful to me BUT it fits good with the reoccuring theme of media control in the usa. the cover art is a painting by the artist dug minkler with the title" not so remote control" and he even has a quote on the obi stripe on which the lyrics are printed.

the vinyl itself is a one sided 12" in clear vinyl with a print on the b side to top it all off. the clue here: its printed so that you can look at it when the record gets played. fetzig!!!

there's also a 7" version of the release also self released by the band which i own but the nerd in me told me to get this version nevertheless.

as a last comment it would have made more sense to me to do the jacket as a gatefold instead of cutting it in half but perhaps money was an issue.see my point below:

original painting

obi stripe front
obi stripe back
the record


Montag, 6. Oktober 2014



 5"es sind ein super format. also sind split 5"es doppelt super. eine bestechende logik. siehe auch crossed out/drop dead oder suffering mind/phobia. checkt also dieses KLEINod (im wahrsten sinne des wortes) dieser beiden amikapellen aus. 


Samstag, 20. September 2014

FIND HIM AND KILL HIM & THE DREAM IS DEAD - Summer Revolution Split 7"

tdid cover
a split 7" of two bands i dig deeply: FIND HIM AND KILL HIM and THE DREAM IS DEAD.

they did a "revolution summer" tour together in 2002 and therefore share this single. 500 copies were pressed total, 3 different covers exist. one from each band and an extra -you guessed it already- tour sleeve. see below for the details. included is also an awesome 14 (!!!) page booklet.

if you didn't know: the name of the tour is a reference to the early washington dc scene in which bands like rites of spring or embrace took over after the members from the faith, void or minor threat had enough of jocks coming to the shows, the scene getting more and more violent and the their message of punk beeing deluded by assholes.

so FHAKH and TDID carry on the torch with their version of the revolution summer (d.i.y. & d.i.t./ respecting all who are involved in creating free spaces as an alternative to normal society/ not caring about the money/ not caring about the mainstream and keeping the music underground/ organising and running your own venue/ anti sexist/racist/homophobic...).

i'm a bit astonished how this still appeals to me and gets me going!to give a bit of the effort back beside ripping the music i made a bunch of photo and did my best to make them look informative.

fhakh cover

tour cover

label side a

label side b

booklet cover

booklet side 1/2

booklet side 3/4

booklet side 5/6

booklet side 7/8

booklet side 9/10

booklet side 11/12

booklet back cover
TDID live

FHAKH live


update 121114: i just saw that the songs had no titles in the download. well nobody seemed to care until now. i catched up on that because at least i do...

Mittwoch, 10. September 2014

BARGE - No Gain 7"

hardhitting HARDcore. like ssd never went into hard rock hell and recorded the follow up to "get it away" with the usual modern twist in 2013. sort of...

you can get the digital version of the 7" for free on their bandcamp site. great service but like always: don't forget to buy the vinyl if you dig it.

honorable mention: cut the cord that...records for releasing the demo tape in a quantitiy of 100 pieces.already sold out.

the band ???


Mittwoch, 3. September 2014


would have loved attending these two shows. they look like fun.

Sonntag, 31. August 2014

SFN & IN DISGUST - Split 7"

scorded this pretty cheap at the bay. in comparison to this the hummingbird of death 5" is an opera haha. the cuts or better named fragments of both bands are over in seconds, otherwise they wouldn't have fit onto one side of a 7" record. pretty strange artwork and no lyrics included...nevertheless i liked the idea of a one sided split 7" and in disgust so what the heck.



Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Archaic Technologies 2 5,25 Disk

this one in english again because i need all the help i can get.i'm continuing where i left off with the masakari post...WELCOME BACK TO NERDVANA:

the dudes of HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH seem to like unusual formats when it comes to releasing their aural assaults of musick.they put out a 5",a 6" and a 10" so far.
but this time they top all of that with a 5,25 zoll floppy disk limitied to 100 pieces which contains only one song.as with the masakari 7" rob and i of course had to order 2 copies haha!

now to all of you : it's pretty hard to find an old computer which still has a floppy disk drive in these days.so if any of you knows how to transfer the included song off of the disk onto a pc let me know.

UPDATE: i got in contact with mike from HOD to clarify -> the song on the disk is NOT "archaic technologies" from the "show us the meaning of haste" lp.it can only be found on the floppy disk.so help me out here!



behind the scenes story:

"First we will start with the end of the story: our floppy disk single "Archaic Technologies 2" is now available for free on our brand spanking new bandcamp page.

Now for some background: around 2007-08 I got my hands on a bunch of 5-1/4" floppy disks. I thought, "I know bands have released music on 3-1/2" floppies, but has anyone ever done 5-1/4"??" We saw an opportunity to do something that had maybe never been done before! We wrote a song called "Archaic Technologies" with the intention of using it to fulfill this exciting flight of fantasy. The only problem was that we weren't sure how to make this happen. We didn't have access to the necessary equipment. Eventually we put "A.T." on the Dead Stare split, and later on the "Show Us" LP. But we didn't give up. In 2010 we were determined to make this happen, and we wrote a sequel to "A.T." This would be "Archaic Technologies 2." And finally, our friend and computer whiz Joe Shumway came up with the answer. He obtained a 5-1/4" floppy drive and installed it into a late-90s-era computer that ran Windows 98. We now had the ability to reformat and put mp3s onto our disks in a fairly short amount of time. After a few evening sessions in the summer of 2011, Joe and I went through 100 disks that still worked, and there was our "pressing."

I kinda hoped the novelty of the release would inspire people to buy a copy and help support the band. We promised from the day it was announced that the song would be posted online for free once all 100 disks were gone. But it turns out that people don't want to buy music on formats they can't use. Fancy that. So we've been giving them away to people who bought other merch from us. They are finally gone now, and the song is now up on bandcamp as promised. Enjoy. Look for some of our other releases to show up there in the future. Listen to Absu."